Cassie Absolute

Acacia farnesiana (L.) Willd.


Ours Cassie Absolute has a rich, sweet, warm, green, honey-floral aroma with pronounced powdery and soft cinnamic-balsamic undertones. The drydown has a violet-like note due to the presence of the


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Ours Cassie Absolute has a rich, sweet, warm, green, honey-floral aroma with pronounced powdery and soft cinnamic-balsamic undertones. The drydown has a violet-like note due to the presence of the ketone p-bromophenlyhydrazone[1], a constituent that appears to be very important for the aroma of Cassie[2] (there are, however, no current references for this ketone). It is important to note that α- and ß-ionones, present in Cassie Absolute, are constituents that also have violet-like aromas.[3],[4]

Cassie Absolute is extracted from the blossoms of Acacia farnesiana, a small thorny tree native to warm temperate and semi-tropical areas of the world and cultivated in France, Egypt, the West Indies, India and South America.

In modern perfumery, Cassie Absolute is sometimes used to impart intensity; Une Fleur de Cassie composed by Dominique Ropion for Frédéric Malle is considered to be one of the best examples.[5] Like all absolutes, Cassie is chemically very complex and finds applications in Violet, Rose and Jasmine accords.[6] Not to be confused with Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia) or Cassis, a synonym for Black Currant Bud (Ribes nigrum), two completely different aromatic/botanical materials with different chemical constituents and olfactory properties.

DILUTION NOTE: Cloudiness may occur when this absolute is diluted with 190 proof alcohol. Upon standing, this will clarify in a day or two with a small amount of sediment at the bottom, leaving a perfectly clear (non-cloudy) portion that can be decanted for filtering if desired.

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Customer Reviews

Bunny litter


I don't know if i got a bad batch or what. I'm not getting any of the powdery sweetness that I know from smelling fresh acacia growing up. I diluted it all the way to 0.1% and still, all I can smell is my bunny litter box. Notes of hay and "aged" bunny pee. Musty and not so pleasant.

Review by Nic 3/28/2017

Sugar Spun Sweetness!


Been looking for the right words to describe what I smell and feel about this lovely new treat! First time trying Cassie Absolute, but this is somehow.. familiar! Down in Arizona grows a lovely tree called a Velvet Mesquite. The blossoms look almost the same, fuzzy Pom Pom like but elongated and cyclindrical vs orb like and spherical. I diluted this Cassie to 10% and just love it! I wholeheartedly agree with Rebecca's comment about a Tack Shed! Although, sniffing it from the 10% bottle, I first smell SWEETNESS! This is a dusky sweetness very much, to me, like COTTON CANDY! Or reminds me of such, this top fades and lets loose a woody aspect I find similar to a ply wood or saw dust nature. Some animal feed, and a very soft leathery texture. This leather has a fine wax dry out beneath it. I'd also like to add that after the cotton candy crown and before the equestrian musk notes is a fine cucumber essence, wet earth and even fresh clean wet hair! Very sensual in the way of clean skin, and sweaty like someone who has a super fruity diet, dried fruits, honey, even eating florals. It smells like a being, and I like what they're eating :-) I tried to make an alcohol tincture of the mesquite blossoms only to find out a year later that I can just buy Cassie absolute and it's much fresher smelling.

Review by MD 2/18/2017

When I imagine the Old West


I can't quit smelling my Cassie sample. It really is fascinating and addictive; I've learned that my mouth waters when a scent really strikes a chord with me, doesn't matter if it is a gourmand note or not. It's hard to believe this little nugget of visceral delight is from a FLOWER. At once I feel transported to--of all places--a tack shed, in a very, very good way: leather saddle, hay, feed, dust, even a bit of horsiness (which I happen to love.) And definitely sweat....oh, the sweat! Animalic in the purest sense of something being fleshy, alive, and vital and pulsing. My partner called it "meaty," followed by "Mmmm." My sister called it "globby," which does seem to describe both its viscosity and the nature of its slow, sort of swaggering aroma. I combined it with some tobacco absolute to conjure Old West, Annie Oakley type feelings.

Review by Rebecca 5/5/2016



This absolute was surprising to me. It does indeed have a sweet, powdery finish and the animal/sexy smell other reviews mentioned is very obvious and strong, undiluted it reminds me of wet dog. Don't let that deter you though. If you are familiar with some of the overly chemical/cloyingly sweet perfumes that certain underwear retailers sell, this seems to be like the natural perfume note that they were attempting and failed to make. I think in the right blend it could add a very sensual note.

Review by Lena 3/18/2015



I have read elsewhere that cassie has a "naughty" tone to it. I took this with a grain of salt, but when I experienced it for myself I agreed wholeheartedly. In addition to the green, powdery, syrupy tones, it possesses a dark, spicy, sinful, animalic quality to it that would work very well in erotic or 'skanky' blends. However, a little of this stuff can go a long way and can be overpowering or off-putting if used too strongly.

Review by derrick 2/16/2015

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