About Us

Eden Botanicals is located in the historic northern California town of Petaluma, nestled in scenic Sonoma County, a region known for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Founded in 1985, we have been the ingredient supplier of choice for many successful cosmetic and perfume brands, aromatherapy practitioners and DIY enthusiasts for nearly four decades.

With our many years’ experience, we have a deep understanding that geographic region, soil, climate and the particular growing conditions encountered by the plant can greatly affect product quality. With this in mind, in 2021 we joined the Biolandes group which gave us direct access to our own farms and distilleries in countries known for excellence in producing oils and extracts. In addition, our international team travels throughout the year to curate the finest botanical extracts available from important aromatic plant-growing regions, building partnerships with reputable growers from around the globe.

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Our Mission

It is our mission is to offer pure, high-quality oils to inspire your creative endeavors. Through our manufacturing or curation of premium natural ingredients, we set the standard for excellence to support your experience in perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy or soap and candle making. Whether you are a seasoned professional or simply an enthusiast, we are here to help.

Product Standards

We offer hundreds botanical extracts, including several that are rare and precious. Many are certified organic or wild harvested, and all of the ingredients are tested to ensure purity and that none of the oils that you purchase from us are ever adulterated. Through our farms and distilleries, we can ensure the quality of every ingredient we make, and understand what to look for when sourcing oils from all over the globe. Our purchasing team is experienced in procuring the best oils available, and take into consideration the ethical practices that are followed during production. As always, we promise our oils are 100% pure and natural, genuine and authentic - satisfaction guaranteed.

Customer Service

In addition to supplying premium botanical ingredients, we also pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service. Our talented staff is well-versed in aromatherapy, natural perfumery and cosmetic formulation and can help offer guidance on the best oils for your needs. We are here to help support you by phone or email, and remember to check out our Educational Resources or FAQ page for quick guidance on anything from extraction methods to shipping policies. Let us know if you need anything, we're happy to assist!