Ambrette Seed CO2 - Fine

Abelmoschus moschatus Medik (synonym: Hibiscus abelmoschus)


This very Fine Ambrette Seed CO2, in our opinion, presents an intriguing, very complex aromatic profile – intensely rich, sweet, nutty/seed-like, musky-floral, rounded with nuances of Cognac, Clary Sage,


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Product Overview

This very Fine Ambrette Seed Co2, in our opinion, presents an intriguing, very complex aromatic profile – intensely rich, sweet, nutty/seed-like, musky-floral, rounded with nuances of Cognac, Clary Sage, and Tobacco back notes, and underscored with the subtle, sensual character of leather and animalic notes all through the long drydown. It is an extremely tenacious, excellent fixative that improves with age. Amazing!

Ambrette Seed CO2 is a notable aromatic oil extracted from the seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus, the Hibiscus plant, native to the tropics of Asia, Northern Australia and Africa; it is a close relative of okra and now also grows in the tropics of Central and South America. The Latin, abelmoschus, is derived from Arabic and means the 'source of' or 'father of musk'. 

In perfumery applications, Ambrette Seed is an excellent fixative with an exalting effect – in other words, it has a unique way of lifting or enhancing the quality of a perfume.[1] It provides the botanical version of the musk aroma so highly prized in natural/botanical perfumery, as well as a much healthier choice compared to synthetic musks for use in perfume formulas. A little Ambrette Seed CO2 goes a long way and very little is needed in base accords to achieve the desired effect.

1 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, pp. 59-60.

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Customer Reviews

Fascinating plant musk.


Ambrette Seed Oil initially has a pleasant, mellow odor reminding me of peanuts, possibly laced with myrrh, tamarind and helichrysum/immortelle. But after a few minutes, the drydown takes on an amazing musk-like quality, smooth like tanned animal-skin, very similar to real deermusk + costus root. The drydown almost reminds me of the synthetic musk, Animalid. Every aspiring perfumer must familairize him/herself with this amazing oil; ambrettolide doesn't even come close to the real thing. Rather expensive stuff, but absolutely worth it.

Review by David Lincoln 6/15/2020



The nutty chocolatey smell reminds me of nutella, which I like so that is good. I am not really experienced in blending, but when I added this to a spicy chai/floral blend, intending it as a fixative to make the fleeting chai scent last longer, it had the effect of muting the blend, pulling in the other scents. So that was not successful in my view, but I keep experimenting. Next up is ambrette mixed into a jojoba carrier that is diffused with vanilla.

Review by Steven 1/24/2019

Intial impression


This is my first time ordering from Eden. I have to say I'm very happy. Free samples are worth shopping here online alone. As others have said it has a nutty scent but other things as well damp, earthy good smelling. Can't wait to dilute it down into a fragrance and see how it really works out.

Review by Eucharist 12/7/2018

in love


I had never smelled ambrette seed prior and it has been the best surprise. I am in love. I agree with the other reviewers, this stuff smells super sexy. A bit got on my fingers when handling the sample and it smelled so hot! In every sense of the word lol. Like musk and what I imagine your skin smells like after laying in a tanning bed, not a natural heat. If youŕe on the fence, I definitely recommend grabbing a sample. You won´t regret it

Review by diabla 4/20/2018

Like Musk Oil


Ambrette seed CO2 smells like a musk oil that I had years ago, from a company that sold incense and perfume oils that you could get at gift shops and New Age stores. Jovan Musk Oil also comes to mind, even though I haven't smelled that in years, so my scent memory may not be correct. There is definitely a 'peanut oil' top note, that may be off putting to some, but I find it disappears with blending, dilution, and drydown, revealing a warm, rich, sweet and very round musk oil type aroma. No animalic notes, funkiness, or mustiness here. I don't get any wine, fruit, clary sage, or tobacco at all either. I really love this essence, and I've never even been a fan of musk! This is incredible in blends and adds a very useful, maybe indispensable, base note. I use it all the time. It is wonderful with just about everything but especially with sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, frankincense, cinnamon, tobacco, vetiver, and all florals (ylang ylang in particular). I highly recommend this essence for natural perfumers and feel it is a must in their palette. It is in mine!

Review by BShea 2/19/2018

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