Clove Bud - Organic EO

Eugenia caryophyllata [synonym of Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr. & L.M. Perry]


Our organic Clove Bud essential oil has a rich, warm, sweet-spicy, eugenolic aroma with a peculiar, fresh-fruity top note. It is commonly used in Carnation and spicy perfumes and, in trace amounts, for


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Our organic Clove Bud essential oil has a rich, warm, sweet-spicy, eugenolic aroma with a peculiar, fresh-fruity top note. It is commonly used in Carnation and spicy perfumes and, in trace amounts, for imparting richness to almost any perfume.[1]

Clove Bud oil is dominated by eugenol, an important constituent used in the preservation of foods as well as in many oral care products. Clove Bud also contains beta-caryophyllene, a desirable component for those making massage blends. Be aware that some Clove Bud oils may be adulterated or extended with the abundant Clove leaf or stem oils that display little complexity in comparison.

Topically, in very small percentages, Clove Bud lends a warming appeal in massage oils to combat the chill of winter and is wonderful in the diffuser, especially with Orange, to freshen the air.

1 Curtis, Tony and David G. Williams. An Introduction to Perfumery, 2nd ed., 2009, p. 251.

2 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, pp. 180-1.

3 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 255.

4 Ibid.

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6 Reviews


Customer Reviews

What a surprise


I got this in a sample pack and I will be ordering at least a half ounce with my next order. I came across this while doing research for a client of mines who is suffering writers block. It smells so amazing with bergamot that I nearly went out of my mind. Looking for a beautiful spicy to add to your collection? Look no more, HURRY UP AND ORDER BEFORE I BUY IT ALL!

Review by SandyF 7/26/2017



Boy oh boy, before I received this oil I thought that clove bud oil smells like dental office. This is gorgeous! Sweet and floral. Thanks!

Review by Jasmina 8/13/2015

Your good doctor - Clove Bud


The smell of Clove Bud is spicy and rich. Everyone may keep one bottle of Clove Bud - Organic at home, because it is a good doctor. It can relief the nervous pain, tooth pain, kill germs, deter bugs. The main function is for treating mental problems, such as loss of memory and depression. I used Clove Bud to inspire myself when I am not in good mood.

Review by Kero 9/17/2014

Delightful Clove


I ordered this clove bud EO a few years ago and it's still as fabulous as it was when I bought it, and maybe a little better. It is complex with a gorgeous sweet note to it. I think it ages well and is a great addition to oral care products as well as perfumes and body care in very small amounts. I would dilute it to 10-25% before incorporating it in blends used on the skin long-term.

Review by SB 8/29/2014

love it!


I got this to make my own version of "Thieves" - I use approx. 30 drops of cloves, 25 lemon, 20 cinnamon, 15 eucalyptus, 10 rosemary, and it makes a wonderfully smelling highly powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial mixture, either for the diffuser or mixed with water in a spray bottle for my office. Love the smell of my rooms with this stuff!

Review by LadyOttoline 8/29/2014

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