Our Team

At Eden Botanicals we’re all about helping our customers create a beautifully fragrant world, and our small but mighty crew has been dedicated to selling you the finest aromatic extracts for over three decades. Located in the picturesque city of Petaluma, our main office faces the trailhead of wildlife habitat Shollenberger Park, which makes a great employee perk for a lunchtime walk and some spectacular views. In fact, we’ve been known to pull a few tables and chairs into the parking lot to enjoy nature while having a team picnic.

Robin: Education; Brigitte: Customer Admin

When you first walk in our door, you’re met with the amazing aroma of our oils. The scent may change from day-to-day, but nevertheless is enticing! Next, you’ll be greeted by a warm smile from Brigitte, our Customer Admin and the helpful voice you speak with whenever you call. And those with more complex inquiries may hear from Robin, our aromatherapist extraordinaire who works offsite and helps answer advanced questions, plus writes educational articles and product copy for our website.

Angel: Shipping, Madi: Shipping Manager, Michaella: Shipping & Production, Noah: Shipping & Receiving

We take pride in everything we do, from selling the best oils to getting them shipped out with lightning speed. Our shipping crew makes sure that every order – large and small – is packaged with care, using the most eco-friendly packaging possible (our packing materials and boxes are recyclable and/or compostable). In addition to getting your products to you quickly, rest assured that Michaella QCs each order for accuracy, Noah and Angel meticulously pack your boxes, and Madi organizes and prepares all of the required documentation and labels to ensure that your products arrive safely.

Christy & Liz: Production

Our production team is responsible for transferring our ingredients from larger containers into our various sizes. Some of these are challenging to work with, and Christy is well-versed on how to properly handle those that are highly viscous and may need heat to pour. Liz handles the more fluid ingredients, and her steady hand ensures everything is measured correctly. Considering all of the sizes we offer, it takes a keen eye and understanding of the variables of the materials as everything is poured manually, even our samples (all of our samples are hand-filled by Michaella).

Alison: Receiving Manager

A few of us wear multiple hats to keep business running smoothly. In fact, our Receiving Manager, Alison, is not only responsible for receiving, warehousing and managing all of the ingredients we carry, she just so happens to be the talented photographer behind every product image and most of the other beautiful images you see on our website as well. Both jobs take someone who has a good eye for detail, and ability to focus while quickly switching gears throughout her workday.

Tiffany: Production Director; Sage: Accounting Manager

As part of the operational management team, Tiffany directs our shipping and production departments and has been with Eden for over a decade. Her institutional knowledge of all things Eden helps keep operations flowing, and her longevity is also reflected as a native Petaluman descended from a long line of farming pioneers dating back from the late 1800s. And Sage, our Accounting Manager who has been at Eden for just about as long, handles all of our payables, inventory management and customs processing, to name a few.

Michell: Marketing Specialist; Angela: Sales Manager; Mollie: Managing Director

Our Marketing team keeps us looking good, in addition to a few other things. Michell is our social media maven and is responsible for the cool videos you see on Instagram and other social platforms. She also keeps an eye on how everything performs so she can provide content that our customers find interesting and informative. Angela leads our in-house sales while collaborating on social media campaigns. She is also a perfumer with a keen nose who has helped guide many of her clients in creating aromatic blends for their formulations. And Mollie directs marketing, co-manages operations, heads HR functions and uses her olfactory senses to QC and approve incoming oil lots.

Lorenzo & Camilla: Purchasing

And although they are not actually in the office, our global purchasing team is definitely a beloved part of our crew! Working remotely from Italy, this power duo travels around the world to the distilleries and production sites that make our ingredients. They meet with our farms, distilleries and vendors to ensure that the quality of our oils meet our rigorous standards and that everything is responsibly produced. In addition, they manage our regulatory documentation to make sure that we’re compliant and our customers get the most up-to-date information they need.

We LOVE the ingredients we carry and delight in seeing the success our customers have achieved over the years using our oils and extracts. Together, our dedication and teamwork mean you can count on Eden Botanicals to be your continued source for all things botanical!