Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We LOVE our customers and deeply value your feedback. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in your kind words and support. If you’d like to submit a testimonial, please contact us. We truly appreciate it!,format&rect=0,0,1640,923&w=1024&h=576

FAST Shipping!

"Just received USPS update; out for delivery!  Such amazingly fast shipping!  The finest of oils, superb customer service, fast and efficient shipping.  Who could ask for more? In todays coo-coo world, your company gives not only the above mentioned, but also a deeper feeling and sense of hope. Were all in this soup together.  Grateful that each and every one at Eden Botanicals is in my circle of life.  You make life a bit more fragrant."


Eco Friendly

"Thank you for your support and for providing such quality materials from around the world, so far Ive ordered 4 times from your company and every time Ive received my package flawless and with an esthetic ecofriendly package. Congratulations for your work, hope to continue ordering from your store so much more, sending you aromatic greetings, kindly."

-Juan Pablo, Chile


"I just want to thank you! I have a plant-based skin care company and have been buying oils for my company since 2009. My supplier's oils started smelling weak and rancid. I have been searching for a replacement company and have been disappointed over and over. Then I found you! The PLUM oil I received from you was divine! And the samples I received from you are perfect! Thank you, thank you for supplying 'true' oils!"

-Stephanie, SKIN

Excellent Quality

"I just received my first order from Eden Botanicals, and Im so excited and delighted about the quality of the oils. Not only are the prices far and above better than other suppliers, the quality and selection are excellent. You will be receiving more orders from us in the future!"

-Diana, Buddha and The Bees

Valuable Resource

"I have been making perfumes for almost a year now.  I couldn't do it without your website.  Your information about, and descriptions of, the oils is so incredibly valuable.  I always have at least two tabs open on my computer with your website on them for reference, and for quick ease in adding to my cart.  I find the references very helpful as well, and I have purchased many of the recommended books and found them useful.  The descriptions of the oils are so amazing that I can actually smell them in my mind.  Thank you for offering such a valuable resource and such quality products."


Trusted Source

"EVERY oil I have purchased has been top quality and better than anything else I've used. I've had Lavender from a small farm in Croatia hand delivered to me when I lived in Sweden - and I can honestly say Eden's Lavender is the ONLY one that even comes close. In my practice as a massage therapist I use aromatherapeutics on a daily basis - Eden is my most trusted source for the best essential oils and the best resource for education.  Thank you!"


High Quality

"I am new to using oils with Eden. I found this company on line and as they had samples, I purchased some. Within about a week of receiving my order, I placed another one. The quality of the oils are quite wonderful. I am not an expert but compared to what I have purchased in the past from other reputable companies, I will be a loyal customer with Eden. I even asked if they could print some extra labels for me, and offered to pay and they graciously met my request at no cost at all. So many companies do not acknowledge customer comments. They certainly did. Thank you, Eden."


A+ Company

"What a lovely experience; from products to people, this company is an A+. Not only do they offer me as an individual looking to avoid chemical-filled fragrances, an affordable purchasing option, but their product quality is above and beyond anything I've ever smelled before! (and their tiny samples are GREAT for testing things and I even made a mini perfume by mixing a few). Most of the "natural" stuff at Whole Foods and other markets is either not very natural at all, or it smells like an old hippie. Sorry, but I like the scent of designer fragrances! I just don't like the cancer-causing chemicals in them. The Eden products I've tried are the most "true" smelling scents I've sniffed and best part is they DON'T give me an instant headache! The best part of all is that their support staff has been so, so incredibly generous. I am new to perfumery and emailed support with a few questions about how to get started. Little did I know I would get back a WEALTH of information from one of their amazing people, Barbara. She has been encouraging, super helpful and has explained every last detail to me. If every company operated this way, I'm fairly certain we'd be able to do away with chemical products for good! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience."


Delightful Experience

"I just wanted to say thank you.  Your website is very friendly, with great information and links, your stock is fantastic, ordering internationally was easy, my order arrived promptly, and the packaging and documentation was immaculate.  What a delightful experience!  Many thanks, and I will look forward to coming back for more!"


Brand Integrity

"I cannot begin to express how impressed I am by EVERYTHING that is Eden Botanicals. Packaging, quality, communication..service..did I mention QUALITY? Unsurpassed. You just know you're going to get the real thing, not a cheap synthetic or a bit of essential oil in carrier oil--I've been ripped off by companies claiming to sell 100% pure essential oils that are anything but! Remember: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! The essential oils at Eden Botanicals are worth EVERY PENNY! I love you guys, I've never experienced such amazing oils with such incredible aromas! I just can't type enough exclamation points, here. Another great point, if an oil is prohibitively expensive, Eden won't bother carrying it. Instead of trying to please everyone, stock-wise, by offering a lesser quality, cheaper oil available, they just don't carry it. Now, although it may be a little frustrating, this is brand integrity all the way."


Impressive Quality

"I rarely have done this in all the time I have been in business, but I wanted to thank you for the superior quality oils I received today from you. The simple but perfect packaging, the care that each item was wrapped in, and the quality and variety of the oils themselves has really impressed me. I have finally been able to sample a few scents I have *never* smelled before, which is my absolute passion! I'm particularly in love with Violet Leaf Absolute! As my brand expands into perfumery, I will be ordering again and again from Eden Botanicals. I am very happy to have found your excellent company!"

-Jessica La Fleur, CEO and Founder of Stark Skincare

Purest Oils

"When I found Eden Botanicals, I found my 'source' for the purest therapeutic oils on the internet! I am so happy not to have to search for a reliable and knowledgeable vendor any longer, for blending my custom body and therapy products. I especially appreciate the newsletters and the information contained. Although I have been certified for many years, I can always learn something new, even about oils that I've used for years!" 


Very Happy

"I have recently liked Eden's page on Facebook. I love your blends of aromas of Rose and Amber, they are exquisite. The quality of the essential oils is very high and they are packaged safely. I look forward to sampling the new Seaweed Absolute, as Divina Natural is a marine algae based product. I use Eden Botanicals Essential oils and am very happy with the results in our products." 

-Sheila Jacaman, Managing Partner/Formulator Divina Natural Skin Care 

Reliable Supplier

"As a small-scale distiller of essential oils, and a natural perfumer, I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to purchase such reasonably-priced, quality essential oils and absolutes.  It is truly wonderful to not have to worry about whether what I am buying will be radically different than my last purchase, stale, or full of off-notes from distillation or improper storage. On a more profound level I am grateful for your devotion to sourcing organic and/or wild-crafted oil straight from the distiller whenever possible.  This respect for the land and the people these oils are produced by carries into my products, and then on to my customers. Over many years as your customer, I have never been disappointed and have always found it a pleasure to do business with such a reliable supplier." 



My order arrived yesterday....fantastic! It was wonderfully packaged....could have had a Ming Vase in there, and it wouldn't have been damaged! Thank you for taking such trouble over such a small order... you have one very satisfied customer over here in Portugal. 


Repeat Customer

"I was totally wowed by Eden Botanicals products.  I placed my first order a couple weeks ago and I was totally impressed with the quality of the products, the aesthetic "look" of the brand, and the care taken in the packaging.  It is obvious to me that Eden Botanicals is run by people who truly care about their products.  I'm starting to investigate and educate myself on the art of perfumery and aromatherapy and now I plan to become a loyal repeat customer of Eden Botanicals." 


Top Notch

As someone who has never plugged anyone on Facebook I have to recommend this company Eden Botanicals if you're looking for essential oils for therapy. Their customer service is top notch, their knowledge is extensive, and they only carry the best ingredients. They made an oil blend for my father that has helped his legs tremendously. 


Pure and Honest

"You've no doubt heard it (over & over) but now it's my turn: Your oils are unbelievable! So pure and honest. I'm an amateur perfumer in his infancy and working with your oils is awe inspiring... Super Duper Kudos & Thanks!" 


My Go-To

"Just a quick note to share how much I love your products, and how much I appreciate the swiftness with which you deliver them! I'm so impressed with everything I've purchased to date - mostly essential oils and absolutes - that you are now my go-to botanical vendor. Thanks for maintaining quality goods for those of us who are always looking for the best!" 


Thank You

"I've been remiss in writing to thank you for the generous selection of essential oils that you donated to perfumers in the New York/New Jersey area.  I came home from my holiday trip to find a box filled with perfumes, soaps, chocolates, vanilla beans, hydrosols and your lovely oils.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the gesture and generosity and I will pay it forward in the future.  In the meantime, I've been sharing some of the bounty with friends who lost a lot in the storm."