Carnation Absolute

Dianthus caryophyllus L.


Our Carnation Absolute is a precious perfumery material with a delightful and extremely rich, sweet honey-like, bright spicy (clove-like), deep floral aroma with a faint minty-herbaceous undertone in the


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Product Overview

Our Carnation Absolute is a precious perfumery material with a delightful and extremely rich, sweet honey-like, bright spicy (clove-like), deep floral aroma with a faint minty-herbaceous undertone in the long drydown. In the past, Carnation had been a popular (and dominant) floral perfume note, whereas in modern compositions it is oftentimes used as a modifier of floral bases. But not until now has there been a Carnation Absolute available like what we offer here. We invite you to explore the magic in this extraordinary aromatic treasure from Egypt – we highly recommend it!

The plants used for this absolute are certified organically grown, but the resulting Carnation Absolute cannot be certified organic because solvents used in the extraction process are non-organic. However, this absolute is far above standard Carnation Absolutes with regard to its exquisite aroma – there is no trace of petrochemical solvent vapors, just a clean floral aroma of tremendous tenacity.

There is a mysterious palpable allure that exudes from the aroma, perhaps from its provenance; indeed, history tells us the flowers were associated with love, weddings and fidelity[1], and in the Victorian language of flowers, Carnations symbolize pure love.[2] It was the main flower used by the ancient Greeks in the making of garlands and coronets, thus its name 'coronation' from which the name Carnation is derived.[3]

In modern perfumery, Carnation is mostly used to modify a fragrance to provide warm spicy floral nuances. "Spicy notes are appealing to men, and many men's fragrances … contain Carnation,"[4] an example being one of the most popular and a classic – Shulton's Old Spice introduced in 1937.[5]

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Customer Reviews



I think this is my new favorite. It was worth every penny. It is a very intense aroma and comes through in my blends so well. I don't see anyone else saying this but to me it smells very fruity as well. It just has such a bright and juicy top note. Very beautiful and complex oil and I will be purchasing a much larger bottle next time!

Review by Trisha 1/10/2021

Well rounded floral


Longevity reflected in this very well rounded notes of a floral essential single

Review by deborah 4/21/2020

I'm a sucker for spicy florals


It's tough to choose when asked, "what's your favorite floral in perfumery?" To which I can never truly answer. As for my skin... I think my skin would cry out, "CARNATION!" My skin seems to love carnation and together they sing in harmony. When I sample this neat, it is waxy, spicy (clove for sure with aspects of nutmeg and clove) and honeyed. The floral aspect of it is muted until hours later when it softly blooms. It's waxiness, and honeyed aspects remind me of the frangipani absolute, which Eden used to carry. There are noticeable differences between Lots 8 & 9 (which I have). 9 is bolder than 8 and deeper in color too. One lacking judgement I am afraid, and perhaps warrants a question from the oils room: Why is the material not fully soluble in perfumer's alcohol? I was able to filter out a considerable weight of this absolute, evidently waxes... If I could take a guess, I would say 1/8 - almost a 1/4 of this materials weight is wax. Aside from that I do treasure carnation, and so does my skin.

Review by Dutch 1/18/2020

Melancholic Flower


This floral aroma is intense, warm, spicy (like spices), a little sad, melancholic and reminiscent of the past ... this flower is used as an offering at funerals and its smell is spread like the soul of the deceased, which is why it is a sad and painful aroma flower

Review by Juan Manuel 8/18/2018



I hesitated to buy this based on the mixed reviews, but I'm glad I did. To me, it has the scent of fresh carnations. It's floral, green, with a light powdery note. Overall, it's very fresh with a hint of soft spice. I would use this as a single note perfume with fractionated coconut oil or perfumer's alcohol. Or, I could see blending this with other complimentary essential oils to make a more complex fragrance. Can't wait to buy a larger size!

Review by Flora 12/17/2016

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