Rose Absolute - Trilogy

Rosa x damascena Mill.


Our unusual Rose Absolute – Trilogy offers natural perfumers the full range of delightful aromatic nuances found in this beloved flower from three legendary Rose-growing regions: Bulgaria, Morocco and Turkey.


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Our unusual Rose Absolute – Trilogy offers natural perfumers the full range of delightful aromatic nuances found in this beloved flower from three legendary Rose-growing regions: Bulgaria, Morocco and Turkey. It is at once warm, honeyed, spicy, highly floral, slightly animalic and deep, with a rich fatty note for added depth and longevity and superb lemon-citrus tones in the drydown – a perfect balance of the Queen of Flowers!

“For its perfume, the Rose reigns supreme amongst the flowers of the world.”[1] Used throughout history for their exquisite, comforting and inspiring scent and visual beauty, Roses of every color and size are esteemed for being metaphorical 'heart openers.' With their multi-petaled intricacy, it is no surprise that Rose essential oils and absolutes are among those that have the most chemical complexity. And while many of the more than 400 chemical constituents[2] of Rosa damascena are present in mere trace amounts, they contribute immensely to the sublime and nuanced fragrance we know as Rose.

Our Rose Absolute Trilogy is very concentrated – please dilute this oil with Jojoba or other stable vegetal oil (or perfumer's alcohol) prior to using. Feel free to use it in natural perfume blends, especially in combination with Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang. Also try blending Rose Absolute Trilogy with our Amber Essence Oil to make your own unique Amber Rose oil.

1 Genders, Roy. Scented Flora of the World, 1994, p. 396.

2 Rhind, Jennifer Peace. Fragrance and Wellbeing, 2014, p. 303.

3 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 553.

4 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 405.

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Customer Reviews

Absolutely incredible


I am so excited by my order from this company. This Rose is so strong it won't need much. It is the most beautiful oil with totally real rose smell. Spikenard Essential Oil

Review by Catherine 5/1/2024

good rose


when first opened the bottle upon receiving the package, was amazed by this beautiful scent, and my brother liked it too, however he is not into oils and scents. but, after days and months of smelling it, you notice the sourness in this aroma, whether due to oxidation in air, or you get used to this smell so you notice it. anyways an excellent product and the price is very fair. thanks EB~

Review by Murat 8/4/2023

Soft mild rose


I diluted mine to 10 percent. It has a soft mild nice rosy scent, not strong at all. I was expecting more since its an absolute. Just my experience...

Review by imma 3/9/2020



I only could afford the 1ml sample and thank Eden for being gracious enough to offer this size. i ended up with 5ml at a 20% dilution that smells amazing and has added a beautiful note to a few creations. I will dab some of this on my wrist and just smell the high quality and its definitely a stunner!!

Review by Norman 10/1/2019

Better than expected!


I didn't know how good this particular absolute would be. I definitely didn't expect it to be as good as Bulgarian Rose Absolute like I've bought in the past. But of course it's subject to personal preference, but I like this one EVEN MORE!! It has a sharp scent with an exotic feel (might be the *animalistic scent described in the details.) Glad i tried a sample but wish I would've gotten more had I known that the decent was this AWESOME!!

Review by Ally 12/23/2018

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