Beeswax Absolute

Cera alba


Busy bees are to thank for the aromatic masterpiece of our Beeswax Absolute -the nicest we have ever experienced. The rich warm aroma has notes of sweet honey and pollen with a soft green hay-like body note and a mild, waxy undertone.


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Product Overview

Busy bees are to thank for the aromatic masterpiece of our Beeswax Absolute -the nicest we have ever experienced. The rich warm aroma has notes of sweet honey and pollen with a soft green hay-like body note and a mild, waxy undertone. Extracted with ethyl alcohol from the honeycomb wax of bees, this excellent natural fixative[1] and familiar gourmand aroma are highly recommended for your cosmetic and perfumery creations!

Cerolein is a mixture of higher fatty acids found in beeswax and is probably responsible for the waxy/fatty notes found in Beeswax absolute.[2] From a chemical point of view, all beeswaxes are practically identical, but the aroma of each beeswax absolute has a characteristic odor left in the wax, according to where it was harvested and from what kinds of flowers the bees collected the nectar. Our Beeswax Absolute is ethanol (alcohol) extracted from beeswax after it has been harvested for honey.

In perfumery, Beeswax Absolute helps to round the edges of compositions, provide sugary sweetness to florals such as Mimosa, Tuberose, Jasmine and Rose, and complement leather, tobacco, dried fruit, gingerbread and other gourmand notes. For skincare, it’s beneficial in hand and facial creams, body oils, lipsticks, and cosmetics for all skin types.


1 Lawless, Alec. Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose, 2009, p. 80.

2 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 86-87.

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Customer Reviews

This is always charming in blends


Definitely a secret to get that texture!!

Review by MD 1/30/2020

Sweet, warm, and playful


What an interesting fragrance. I first tried it as a 10% dilution in jojoba oil on my wrist, just to see how it behaved. Starts dark and sweet like resinous autumn honey, the kind that scratches the throat with aromas of dried leaves, and with an immediacy that almost feels like a punch to the nose. But the intensity quickly fades into a vague smoke/tobacco scent, then an even more vague waxy something... and I thought that was it. Half an hour, gone. Except, not quite. As I went about my day, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the smell came back whenever my wrist was warmed (either because of wearing winter clothes or because of a spike of physical exercise), with rich, sweet notes of pollen, honey, hay, and waxy undertones of something almost like musk. I can only assume the nose gets used to it very quickly and dismisses its presence as part of the background without the fragrance itself actually disappearing, at least when it's worn solo (haven't tested it in a blend yet). In any case it's exquisite, and this playful hide and seek makes it far more interesting than I originally expected. Well worth getting a larger amount.

Review by Leaf 1/25/2019

Warm and Complex


I ordered a tiny sample of this with a small sample of the wild opopanax to see what both of them smelled like. I love them both, but this is definitely my favorite out of all of the oils I've smelled so far. It has earthiness with an undertone of sweetness, but it isn't too overpowering - it is just right and I can't wait til I can order a larger amount!

Review by Aria 5/9/2018

It's okay, not sweet


It smells woody, not the sugary sweet I was expecting. I do enjoy it though

Review by Perkins 2/2/2017

Just Like a Hive


I used to keep bees. I loved opening the hive, if for no other reason than smelling it: an aroma like flowers, plant resin and honey. This is it. It is the most delicious scent that I have ever encountered.

Review by DM 1/20/2017

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