Angelica Root CO2 - Organic

Angelica archangelica L.


Our Angelica Root CO2 has a rich earthy, green herbaceous aroma with peppery top notes and clean spicy, musky/woody back notes. Although it has a very fine, delicate aroma, it is extremely tenacious – a


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Our Angelica Root CO2 has a rich earthy, green herbaceous aroma with peppery top notes and clean spicy, musky/woody back notes. Although it has a very fine, delicate aroma, it is extremely tenacious – a little goes a long way. Angelica Root is noted for its remarkable depth, persistence and diffusiveness and for one of its important constituents – cyclopentadecanolide, a musk-like lactone[1], making it highly valued for use in natural perfumery. 

Angelica Root is a lesser known member of the Apiaceae family that includes many other essential oil bearing plants including Anise, Carrot, Celery, Coriander, Cumin and Fennel. The aromatic root played an important part in the history of alcohol and it is used in the production of many spirits today, among them, Absinthe, Bénédictine, and Chartreuse.  

The rhizome and roots of Angelica archangelica contain volatile oil, mono and sesquiterpenes, and a number of coumarins including angelicin and bergapten. Please be aware that Angelica Root is highly phototoxic – it should not be used topically before sun exposure.  

1 Wells, F. V. and Marcel Billot. Perfumery Technology - Art: Science: Industry, 2nd ed., 1981, p. 66.

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Customer Reviews

Maroon-Red Candles & Sex!


The ruthless green that crowns this vexed vixen is beyond delightful. Once that clears, I got this ultra high woody note, which I just fell in love with! I imagine this as a secret to make an Indian sandalwood even more seductive! This was apart of the most wicked ambers I have ever crafted. This with ambrette seed, labdanum and vanilla co2... one smells leathery sweet and sexy waxy but puffed right up to everyone’s nose! People looked at me like THEY KNEW I was up to no good. It’s just that evocative of sweating sweet flesh and hormones, pheromones and other musky goodness. A skilled blender can make an aphrodisiac that can intrigue almost anyone! Very lovely with Eden’s Benzoin, I must say, and also liquidambar, myrrh, copaiba, and frankincense!! Just speechless, Eden! : - 0

Review by MD 1/30/2020

Not what I expected


I am very new to essential oils and have been ordering samples first to get to know the oils. I had ordered a sample and got it from LOT 7. It was heavenly, smelling fresh like green peppers and almost Neroli like. It truly was heavenly! I ordered a 2 ML and I got it from LOT 8. I had been so looking forward to it. It does not have the happy notes from LOT 7. Smells deeper and darker and lacks the jolt of bliss that I felt from the sample. Oh well! you live and learn. Lets see if this is one of those oils that grows on you, sure hope so.

Review by Lax 2/24/2018

magic in a bottle


This ingredient is pure magic! I can only compare it to fossilized amber in the sense that it completely transforms a blend for the better. So incredibly complex from start to finish and it brings out a beautiful earthy musk in any perfume. I find it absolutely intoxicating when blended with forest notes. It may not announce its presence loudly (angelica root co2 seems at first glance like a timid creature) but it embellishes other notes beautifully in its own spicy, rooty, musky way, making it one of the strongest and most important oils I’ve ever worked with. A quiet strength and a beautiful bridge between conflicting notes. Will buy again and again!

Review by J 6/16/2017

Woodsy, yet bright


The Angelica CO2 select is woodsy, but “bright,” with complex undertones. I use it in my “wake-up” preparations, but it is also nice at night. Reminds me of the French liquor Green Chartreuse. Nice job, Eden!

Review by Dave 3/5/2013

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