Coconut Pulp CO2 - Organic

Cocos nucifera L.


Our organic Coconut Pulp CO2 Extract offers coconut enthusiasts a robust and amazingly tenacious gourmand aroma that is irresistibly warm and creamy.


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Our organic Coconut Pulp CO2 Extract offers coconut enthusiasts a robust and amazingly tenacious gourmand aroma that is irresistibly warm and creamy. Since traditional pressings of culinary Coconut oils have little flavor or aroma, until the recent appearance of this extract, availability of a naturally sourced, rich Coconut aroma has eluded both perfumers and natural products manufacturers alike. CO2 extraction of fats offers the multiple benefits of low production temperatures, short extraction time and no necessity for added chemical preservatives.[1]

We think Coconut Pulp CO2 is a logical choice for after sun lotions, and for applying to dry, dehydrated skin and hair after swimming in chlorinated pools or immersion in hot tubs. Composed of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) – skin-nourishing fatty acids – Coconut Pulp CO2 is of course soluble in fixed/vegetable oils, but there will be a small amount of non-dissolvable (insoluble) fats remaining when blended into perfumer's or 190 proof alcohol. These fats can be removed with chilled filtering. At cooler temperatures, the normally clear Coconut Pulp CO2 will solidify, becoming opaque, but will liquefy readily when the bottle is placed in a warm water bath.

1 Industry communication.

2 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 186.

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Customer Reviews



just smells like extra virgin coconut oil just concentrated 5 times

Review by blake 3/2/2024

True coconut scent, but mild


This is a very good-smelling coconut scent. It's exactly what I want from "coconut" and it smells like fresh coconut macaroons. It makes me want to drink a pina colada. For all that it's a delicious scent, however, it is not a very intense smell for the quantity required and I've found the need to use rather more than expected (by volume, approximately 2/3-3/4 of the current blend I'm making) in order to get it to stand out very much. (Admittedly, the other constituents of the blend are very strong on their own, so it could just be this blend which is proving difficult.)

Review by Jesse 8/21/2023

Delightful Coconut Aroma


I absolutely love this Coconut CO2; lovely, heavenly scent and amazing texture. I immediately wanted to create a face butter or balm. I hope you will transfer it to a jar for easier access.

Review by SH 12/11/2020

Strong Scent


I don't understand how anyone thinks this is too faint. I decided to blend it as is, without diluting it, based on some of the reviews. Far from being subtle, it dominated. Plenty of aroma to work with. I will dilute it in the future. It smells just like a fresh coconut, without the overly sweet, perfume fake scent of perfume oil. Just delicious. Eden Botanicals delivers again!

Review by Alison 10/24/2019



I love this for scrubs and creams. It has such a deep, coconuty scent and a soft texture. Lovely!

Review by Dawn 11/9/2018

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