Black Currant Bud Absolute

Ribes nigrum L.


Our exquisite Black Currant Bud Absolute has a complex bouquet of intense tangy green and fruity elements, somewhat citrus/minty notes, wine-like earthy undertones and even what some call a tomcat


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Our exquisite Black Currant Bud Absolute has a complex bouquet of intense tangy green and fruity elements, somewhat citrus/minty notes, wine-like earthy undertones and even what some call a tomcat urine-like note. What?! Yes, this amazing absolute, a modifier of many uses, can add a hint of animalic allure when used in trace amounts. This odor is attributed in part to minute amounts of the sulfur compound 4-methoxy-2-methylbutan-2-thiol, reputed to have an olfactory detection threshold of 1 part in 1,000,000 billion![1]  In the book Perfumery – Practice and Principles, authors Calkin and Jellinek state that the use of animalic notes in perfume compositions is of great significance, evoking a sense of pleasure for the perceiver.[2] Author/perfumer Alec Lawless categorizes Black Currant Absolute as a maverick, an oddball "that can make the party!"[3]

Ribes nigrum – native to the British Isles[4] – is cultivated in Northern Europe, particularly in France, Holland, Belgium, and a few other countries in that part of the world. About 300 kilos of Black Currant buds, harvested in December, January and February, yield only 1 kilo of the absolute, an aspect that greatly affects production cost of this material.[5] Extraction takes place in France[6] for the fine perfumery industry, and thankfully for creative use by natural/botanical perfumers.

Although Black Currant Bud Absolute is soluble in alcohol, it is only partially soluble in fixed (carrier) oils.[7] It does impart its aroma to fixed (carrier) oils by gently heating both absolute and carrier oil separately before combining. When cooled, insoluble material will precipitate to the bottom, however the portion remaining will be highly aromatic. Please also see special use instructions to blend.

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Customer Reviews



Will reveal its facets...when diluted.

Review by Jayesh Deep 6/7/2019

Addictive, Unmatchable Scent!


I got a sample of this bizarre absolute and the moment a fraction of it rubbed off onto my fingers upon popping the vial, I was addicted! The description by Eden nails it: there is something oddly animalistic about it, yet with deep, complex dried-fruit notes. I diluted it to some unknown percentage with Everclear in a 5 dram vial and am back to purchase a much larger supply despite the price tag. I plan on using this in my horse/prairie grass centered blends to enhance the animal musk and leather notes already present in my recipe. Did I say it was addictive? I can't stop sniffing myself!

Review by Prairie Rider 5/20/2019

Sticky Bud


Super complex. It smells like sage, jam, and cannabis all rolled into one. ::pun intended:: I am not getting cat pee, thank goodness but there is a bitterness that I really like and a minty quality that I can only describe as fresh nug and fruity sage. Wonderful! Some may not like it but it's the perfect little freak for my organ. I diluted it to 5% in ethyl alcohol and then paired it with florals- talk about an exalting effect. Ooooo, aaahhhhh!

Review by Miss Layla 1/16/2019

fruit like


My sample is very powerful ... opens with an animal tone like urine of some feline, it is really strong and almost sulphurous in the good sense (the complex and beautiful nature) when it dilutes it shows its true face: fruits like passion fruit , like guava, has fresh tones and acids. This brings natural fruit tints to any fragrance. When I uncover my concentrated sample I immediately visualize this video ... I thought I smelled like the urine of this ferocious animal (lol)

Review by Juan Manuel 8/18/2018

Fruit Cocktail in a Bottle


I don't know why I avoiding this beautiful botanical for so long. I've recently been on an Oud binge and created a wonderful Fruity Oud Attar featuring Jasmine Egypt Abs, Black Currant and Assam Agarwood and it turned out masterfully. The combination of fruity currant buds, floral jasmine and a touch of coumarin-rich sweet Tonka with Tobacco abs created a deeper more mysterious fruit cocktail sweet Oudh Attar. I diluted the black currant abs down to 10% in FCO and used it as an accent note in moderation. I didn't detect the animalic cat urine note others have mention in prior reviews -- thank goodness. I suggest you try a sample first and dilute those 6 drops in about 5 ml of FCO, which has no scent to it, and use it that way. A little goes a long way (e.g., less than 0.5%). In small dilutions, you pick up the more intricate facets of the oil. In other words, treat this oil like civet abs. This exalts anything that it's blended with, especially fruity/citrus, floral and dark woody notes.

Review by COREY 1/20/2018

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