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Melissa officinalis L.


Our organic Melissa has a fresh, lemony, somewhat tart yet sweet, green-herbaceous aroma with subtle notes of mint and honey. Melissa officinalis is a perennial herb that is also known as Balm or Lemon Balm.


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Our organic Melissa has a fresh, lemony, somewhat tart yet sweet, green-herbaceous aroma with subtle notes of mint and honey. Melissa officinalis is a perennial herb that is also known as Balm or Lemon Balm.

This fast-growing plant from the Mint family (Lamiaceae) has small, white flowers abundantly filled with nectar that are especially attractive to bees, thus its name, Melissa – melittena in Greek for 'honey bee'.[1] One source states that the local name for the plant in many countries of central and southern Europe is 'heart's delight'.[2] An exceptionally low yield (about 0.05%) makes Melissa a very costly oil and one that is commonly adulterated with inexpensive oils like Lemongrass, Citronella and Litsea Cubeba.[3],[4] French producers noted that, in 1988, while world production of Melissa oil amounted to no more than 50 pounds, sales of over 1,000 pounds were recorded![5]

There's a gentle power in this unique essential oil, according to Gabriel Mojay, who expounds upon the enlivening lemon-fresh, honey-like sweetness of aroma.[6] Melissa blends particularly well with Bergamot in elevating room sprays, or with Lavender in nighttime linen sprays. A Melissa-Rose (highly diluted) lotion for hand massage is a lovely treat for the elderly.[7]

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Customer Reviews

I am so happy with my order


This is the most fresh strong essential oil with a wonderful herbaceous lemony scent. It is so strong a little will go a long way. It smells just like the best parts of Lemon Balm. It may be my new favorite scent. I can't say enough about the quality of the oils in my order and they were wrapped so a gorilla couldn't hurt them. My order was made late on the 28th of March and arrived on the first day of April. Amazing turnaround time. I will definitely be back. Don't hesitate to try this.

Review by Catherine 5/1/2024

The Real Deal! The best Melissa EO ever!! Batch 601-006 Lot 13.


I’m reviewing my recent purchase of Eden’s Organic Melissa (Lemon Balm) EO batch 601-006, Lot 13. Purchased in November 2023. It’s absolutely amazing and the finest Melissa EO I’ve ever encountered.,As a longtime fan of Lemon Balm (Melissa) tea, which is excellent for anxiety and stress, I’ve had Lemon Balm (Melissa) growing randomly all over my yard for years now. I know what the fresh and dried leaves smell and taste like. Having ordered from Eden for the first time this order, I was extremely impressed by how fresh and strong this Melissa EO is! It’s powerfully relaxing and almost hypnotic. I’m using it for both diffuser and a massage blend to relieve stress and anxiety. I’ve experimented with combining it with some other EO and absolutes from Eden, for diffusing in my home and in my moms nursing home room. Notes on the experience with the oil: Smelling from the bottle top: A fresh lemon scent with some faint underlying sweet mint notes. A coolness in the nose. Placing one drop in your palm and rubbing your hands together will release a strong pleasant scent of lemon sugar, and to my nose, some cucumber undertones, fresh green notes, and just the faintest whisper of a mild mint that’s barely noticeable. The relaxing effect is noticeable within about two minutes, and lasts for hours. This Melissa EO combines beautifully for aromatherapy with ratio Melissa to rose absolute 10% of 6:1; Melissa to Gardenia absolute ratio 10:1; and Melissa to French Lavender EO 10:3 mixed in Argan oil for 99% carrier oil to 1% EO diluting for safety. I am enjoying experimenting with other blends for diffusing including sweet orange + Roman Camomile + Cedarwood + Tuberose which makes an outstanding room filling relaxing experience.

Review by Fragrance_Lover 11/20/2023



I'm in love with this oil, it's the best quality I've ever smelled of Melissa. With just the tiniest drop on my wrist or a few whiffs and I'm immediately relaxed.

Review by Abs 4/18/2018

Great for Cold Sores and Insect Bites


I have been using Melissa oil for over 8 years to treat cold sores. I apply the oil directly on when I feel a tingle. I don't dilute it because I want full strength and yes it stings a little. The Melissa oil immediately goes to work to halt the formation of sores if I catch it. Otherwise, the Melissa oil will shorten the time the cold sores develop. In the past, the sores would continue to multiply over a day or more. With the Melissa oil, it will multiply in a day but cease the next day. The healing time is fast too. Pretty much within a 3 to 5 days versus 7 or longer in the past. Eden Botanicals has the best Melissa oil. I also use Melissa oil for insect bites. On a trip to Thailand, I had at least 25 mosquito bites on one arm. I put the Melissa oil on and sure enough the insect bites shrank pretty quickly thank goodness!

Review by MQ 8/3/2015

absolutely essential


In comparison to other Melissa oils I've used (all good quality /organic) I've found EB's lemon balm to have smoother, lush lemon/citrus notes and the honey notes more prominent than other brands I've used. EB proves to be the best again. I've also used it in healing salves and saw immediate positive results. This is one of my top favorites and worth every penny in my opinion. I wish I could buy it in bulk but honestly a few drops goes a long way in a blend or in dilution by itself.

Review by Lena 1/28/2015

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