Linden Blossom CO2 - Organic

Tilia cordata Mill.


Our certified organic, wild harvested Linden Blossom CO2 successfully captures the scent of flowering Linden trees with its fresh, warm, floral aroma, delicate, sweet, honey-fruity top notes and fine, green, hay-like undertone reminiscent of the scent of sweetened herbal tea. There is a balanced and delicate


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Product Overview

Our certified organic, wild harvested Linden Blossom CO2 successfully captures the scent of flowering Linden trees with its fresh, warm, floral aroma, delicate, sweet, honey-fruity top notes and fine, green, hay-like undertone reminiscent of the scent of sweetened herbal tea. There is a balanced and delicate complexity of aroma throughout the drydown when smelling it directly from a scent strip, but after leaving the area for a time, upon returning, one finds “the entire atmosphere is charged with its radiation.”[1] PLEASE NOTE: this material is soluble in alcohol and water – not soluble in fixed (carrier) oils.

In the past, Linden was not often used in perfumery, perhaps partly owing to the absolute being difficult to work with, however, recent years have seen an increase of scent creations recognized for their Linden Blossom content.[2] The CO2 version’s ease of use and true-to-nature scent may help position this material as an essential part of the perfumer’s floral repertoire.

An unusual offering, this Linden Blossom CO2 is more than a supercritical fluid extract – organic ethanol is used as a co-solvent to remove every last aromatic molecule from the raw material, resulting in a mobile liquid extract that is both water and ethanol soluble, making it easy to use. With its medium odor intensity and unique water solubility, Linden Blossom CO2 works well in relaxing baths and nighttime linen sprays - Valerie Worwood suggests putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball inserted between the pillow and the pillowcase.[3] Linden Blossom CO2 is a premium ingredient in formulations for sensitive skin[4] as well as a rare aromatic jewel natural perfumers will embrace.

1 Industry communication.


3 Worwood, Valerie Ann. Aromantics, 1987, p. 164.

4 Rhind, Jennifer Peace. Aromatherapeutic Blending Essential Oils in Synergy, 2016, p. 264.

5 Lawless, Alec. Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose, 2009, p. 73.

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Customer Reviews

60% water!


Yikes, Eden! I'm so glad I read the COA and the reviews. This is technically not a pure CO2 extract and with as much as 60% water added, you really need to disclose this in the description. Glad I did NOT purchase this. I would have made a large purchase and been disappointed, as this would be very difficult to use in a formula with so much water. All of your other products are amazing, so I'm a bit surprised by the lack of info in the description of this product. It may smell great, but it is not useful to professional perfumers.

Review by Erica 3/12/2024

Buyer Beware!


I've tried the majority of the perfumery materials carried by Eden and they've all been wonderful, really top notch, but this one is truly unfortunate. I wish I had read the COA before ordering, I would have realized this was 99% water and alcohol and not at all usable for perfumery. This CO2 has the strength of a floral water and is much too weak to be useful in any formulation. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until after the return window had closed. Make my loss your gain and skip this one!

Review by Bunny Carlos 3/7/2021

Warm, Honeyed Floral


When I first smelled this Linden Blossom extract, it felt like a childhood memory returning. Do I have some buried memories of a walk through linden groves, or is this a case of anemoia? Linden evokes images of dry grass, late summer, honey wine, warm breezes blowing through freshly-washed linen. It's floral, but brings to mind dried flowers rather than fresh; honey-sweet, not nectar-sweet. I was so enamored of this scent that I immediately began constructing an accord around it, with Hay, Tobacco, Honey, Immortelle, and Elderflower to bring to mind a meadow in late August. My only complaint is that this extract has a fairly weak scent and is not very tenacious. Within 30 minutes on a scent strip there was only a faint odor remaining, and while that faint odor was still detectable after 24 hours, there is only a very short window to experience the real beauty of this scent. I've seen other CO2 extracts of Linden Blossom that were solid, waxy pastes, so I'm wondering if this is due to the extraction method used, as this extract is a mobile, watery liquid. As such, I'd like to experiment with other extraction methods of Linden Blossom (including absolutes) to see if I can create a more lasting impression, perhaps in combination with this extract. However, that doesn't take away from the beauty of this scent, and it's absolutely something to be experienced.

Review by Daniel 3/3/2021

Smells lovely, buuuut...


This linden blossom extract smells quite nice, and for that it was a nice introduction to linden. That's the good part. The bad is the strength. Utterly and profoundly disappointing. This is 60% water, 39% alcohol, and 1.25% phenylethyl alcohol. Yes it's a real linden I do believe. Smells quite like linden honey. But the reality is this is essentially the strength of a floral water, except it has alcohol in it too. When you look at the price for this extract and the concentration that's just a little more than a hydrosol it's very unfortunate. Somebody at Eden didn't look at the GC/MS report before purchasing, and if they did see it I don't know why they purchased this product. In fact I don't know how or why such a weak product was produced in the first place, or if it was intentionally watered down. Anyways to summarize I believe this should be sold as a hydrosol and that's really all I have to say.

Review by Ole 2/19/2021

Floral - magníficent


Absolutely grateful for knowing this !! It reminds me a bit of the floral honey smell of "cestrum nocturnum" ... It is a tender, delicate and soft floral in all its forms, splendid, it is like an ancient imaginary garden loaded with white flowers and pale yellow fruits brimming with honey and nectar, this is intoxicating and takes over my mind. It is not like other flowers, its unique and different personality ... its soul is tender and sensitive capable of making one forget earthly pleasure, it is ephemeral! I imagine it in many ways in a feminine perfume formula, its drying on the skin reminds me of some light nuances of the Anais Anais- Cacharel perfume and just a little mixed with vanilla molecules to "Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier ..."

Review by Juan 12/10/2020

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