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Ocimum basilicum (L.) ct Linalool


Our organic Sweet Basil ct Linalool essential oil has a strongly green, sweet herbaceous and uplifting aroma; it is used in natural perfumery for its unique fresh herbaceous character and rich balsamic


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Our organic Sweet Basil ct Linalool essential oil has a strongly green, sweet herbaceous and uplifting aroma; it is used in natural perfumery for its unique fresh herbaceous character and rich balsamic undertone. Linalool is the predominant chemical component in this species of Basil - it lends a cool, gentle woody character to this oil. Also present is a much smaller percentage of methyl chavicol (aka estragol), a constituent responsible for the mild anise-like aroma.[1]

Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is part of the Lamiaceae family - plants of this family have incredibly prolific and historic value in many cultures. There are no less than two dozen species of Ocimum originating from countries as diverse as Egypt, Mexico, Iran, Italy, Greece, India and Thailand, and all of them share a multitude of traditional uses.

Sweet Basil is a lovely annual that displays simple white flowers and seems to embody modesty and quiet intensity. Credited with clarifying and enlivening qualities, the oil is particularly refreshing when added to a diffuser, or in blends for belly rubs or muscle and joint massage.

1 Arctander, Steffen. Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, 1960, p. 82.

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The only thing I smell is a jar of pickels with dill. Will be a tricky thing to figure out how to use it in a perfume composition...

Review by Evgeniya 3/19/2021

Green, Sparkly Magic


At first glance this is unmistakably basil, like burying your nose in the plant itself. Fresh, vibrant, and alive! But there's so much more going on beneath that; as it dries down, woody notes appear, like freshly snapped tree branches, along with something geranium-like, minty and floral. And underneath that, grapefruit! Dry and pithy like fresh-zested rind, and unambiguously citric. This oil is a culinary explosion, bringing to mind fresh summer salads and crushed mint mojitos, the smell of herbs wafting in on a warm breeze through a kitchen window. I imagine this would blend exquisitely with citrus oils to lend a light-green, airy herbal note without weighing down the fragrance.

Review by Daniel 3/16/2021



This is nothing like the boring scent of culinary basil which is what ct Methyl Chavicol smells like. This is the scent of the live flowering shrub, with the intensely aromatic dark purple flowers. Superb.

Review by Cananga odorata 6/29/2016



A nice clean basil. A little goes a long way for my migrain headaches and sinus problems. Great stuff !!!

Review by annk 9/3/2014

Delicious and vibrant!


This basil is fabulous. It is very potent and mind-clearing. Use it sparingly for excellent results in perfumes, body care and skincare.

Review by SB 8/29/2014

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