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We are now offering individual empty Amber Glass Bottles (complete with black screwtop) for your convenience. Have fun making your own individualized and unique blends!

Selected size SKU:1360-15 - Amber Glass Bottle, 1/4 oz

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We offer individual empty Amber Glass Bottles (complete with black screwtop) for your convenience. Have fun making your own individualized and unique blends!

Bottle oz to ml

Size Conversions:

(1 ml = 20-30 drops) (5 ml = 1 teaspoon)

1/16 oz bottle holds 1.8 ml  1/4 oz bottle holds 7.4 ml 2 oz bottle holds 59.1 ml 4 oz bottle holds 118.3 ml


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Customer Reviews

Love Both Orifice Reducers and Pipettes


I love the fact that you offer both orifice reducers AND the pipettes. So really, you make everyone happy!

Review by esarah 3/19/2017

Let me second the loathing of orifice reducers


Dear Eden - please, keep doing what you're doing! I hate orifice reducers, I want to use pipettes (the science lab variety with microliter precision, in fact), not drops. When I have bought a few oils or absolutes from other vendors I get annoyed at having to remove and toss the orifice reducers, wasting precious material in the process.

Review by M. 7/11/2014



I just felt compelled to comment :). I adore the fact that there are no orifice reducers. I loath them for every oil as it is hard to be precise on a super thin oil and thick oils will not even work with the things. So bravo for not putting them in. And I have never (knock on wood) had a breakage issue with these brown glass bottles. Or tipped them over, except when my clumsy arm sweeps them off the counter. TOTAL user error there! Keep up the wonderful work!

Review by La Botanica 5/13/2014

Awesome Essential Oils / Extremely Inconvenient Packaging


These are the same bottles that they sell their essential oils in. I purchase essential oils from several different companies and eden botanicals is among (if not) the best. Unfortunately their bottles are the worst. First off I am a sucker for convenience and wished the bottles came with orifice reducers for easy use. They only sell orifice reducers for three sizes and they don't even work well (I have tried everything from citrus to vetiver). The bottles (especially the smaller ones) fall over very easily. So you are left with rebottling everything before use. This has forced me to make the majority of my purchases from different companies with much more convenient packaging. Too bad such a little detail could make such a big difference. RESPONSE FROM THE OILS ROOM: I have worked for several essential oil companies (Aroma Vera-Marcel Lavabre, Original Swiss Aromatics-Kurt Schnaubelt, Oshadhi-Malte Hozzel) and the bottles that we use are standard for the industry. And as oils room manager for Eden Botanicals, I have extensive experience with filling bottles of all sizes. Our 1/16 oz vial has a very low center of gravity and does not easily tip over. The 1/8 oz vials, being taller, do need to be handled a little more carefully. As far as our orifice reducers, they work with thin oils such as citrus, though viscous oils such as Vetiver, Sandalwood, carrier oils and other thicker oils can be more of a challenge. We offer orifice reducers for those customers who want to use them, but have always recommended using pipettes when creating a blend. Precise measurement for both Aromatherapists and natural perfumers is critical, and we find using pipettes to be a much more accurate way of dispensing drops. We appreciate your feedback, our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Review by a sucker for convenience 3/11/2014

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