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The Aftelier Natural Perfume Wheel© was created by master natural perfumer Mandy Aftel as an aid to sort many of the essential oils and absolutes often used in natural perfumery into easy-to-understand categories.

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The Aftelier Natural Perfume Wheel© was created by master natural perfumer Mandy Aftel as an aid to sort many of the essential oils and absolutes often used in natural perfumery into easy-to-understand categories. This is a detailed visual reference tool that helps describe the experience of an oil’s aroma, and helps to make clear the relationships between scents and scent families. An invaluable aroma tool for natural perfumers of every level!

The Aftelier Natural Perfume Wheel© organizes essential oils, absolutes, and natural isolates into scent families, as an invaluable tool for selecting essences when blending a perfume. Like the aroma wheels for wine and coffee, this grouping of natural essences helps you get to know the aromas of each one by what characteristics it has in common with its family and what aroma facets make it different from its family. For instance, when you want to blend with a spicy essence it is useful to look at all the sweet spices together and consider the ways they are similar to each other. Then within that group, you can focus on the individual aroma facets that distinguish each sweet spice from others in the group, to select the essence that fits best in your formula.  On the back of the Natural Perfume Wheel, each essence is classified by its register as a top, middle, or base note, according to its relative volatility -- the speed with which it diffuses into the air.


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Works fine


This is a nice go to reference for anyone new to EO or natural perfumery. I like that back side divides the scents into top, middle and base notes. Also a good visual to show to friends and explain things a little more easily. And laminated! It could be more elaborate but it's just a reference tool....there's plenty of books out there to go much deeper.

Review by John 1/29/2021



Makes no sense. I can make perfume not using this wheel that is boxy. Response from Eden Botanicals: We’re sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your purchase Not4m3. However, this review has brought to our attention that our website did not fully describe this product and it’s proper application. We have since updated our online description with a more detailed explanation of how this product is meant to be used in your natural perfumery formulations. Please take a look! Thanks!

Review by Not4m3 10/17/2020



Read your reply to Carrie2015 in response to question she had, on the essential oil Wheel. You were so gracious to list other sources of information.. I've only, today, become interested in this new source of perfumes aromatherapy. I will continue to research the publications you listed... Thank you...

Review by Sense of senses 12/8/2018

Unsure what to do as there aren't any instructions


Maybe im missing something here....I purchased this because I thought it would give me a clue on which family's blend with which. Essential oils, resins, etc are grouped by family or scent profile I'm not sure which... Each section has a different color. I just wish it would tell you something like this... "The green family blends well with the yellow family" or something to that effect. Also would be nice to know what are top, middle and base notes. Overall not as useful as I envisioned. I just need more instruction. I went to Afteliers site and it was even more vague.

Review by Carrie 5/23/2015

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